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Love that you put the shoes back on - so hot. Do that more often!

by Tom

18 Oct 2017

Great set again, but unfortunately you seem to have forgotten water in bathtub. Really would love to see having a bath full of water, some bubbles with fully fashioned stockings and some nice high heeled pumps!

by My name

31 Aug 2017

Great video Samantha! Loved the plot and your outfit. I could watch those hot legs and booty walk up steps all day long lol. You are such a great and natural story teller i hope that you do another Realtor plot someday in pantyhose and maybe give the buyer a "show" with your wand. I really really enjoy these plot scenes. Great camera work too! keep up the great work pretty lady

by Joe

30 Aug 2017

Sam, Another GREAT set‼️😍😍 I'd buy this house from/for you as long as you WOULD spend the first night with me. SEXY, SEXY, SEXY‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️

by Eddie

30 Aug 2017