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I know you can only hit this subject so often, but thank you. This is quality. It's nice to see you returning to this topic again. Wouldn't mind a Dear Diary video related to something along these lines.

by Dregoth

19 Jul 2017

Samantha I remember way back when you actually did take bbc and I loved it and I know you did too...hope you will do it again...btw I live in steeler country so if you ever wanna go to a game hit me up

by Loupac

17 Mar 2017

Holy Shit! BEST VIDEO! WOW. You look so hot in that outfit and you know i LOVE fantasizing about you taking big BBC and creampies (ur old KR IR vids are among best EVER). This blew me away. this video had me about to fuck my computer screen lol. Made me wish a big bull would walk in and take care of your hot ass. Great Job Samantha,i hope u do one in pantyhose just like this someday. Seriously WOW

by Joe

22 Feb 2017