Sunday, 24 September 2023


by Samantha Legs

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- Ditzy Blonde Cock Tease.

If you don't mind, I could use your help - you see, I need a ride home cuz my car won't start. I'll have them tow it to find out what's wrong, but you seem real nice and I know that

- Tormenting the Stalker.

I told him that he could follow me until he got to the bottom of my stairs and that I would give him a good show there. I'm such a cock-tease…love seeing if I can make their cocks drip b

- Teasing the Stalker.

I have men following me home like little stray dogs and this guy, Tom from work is no different. He followed me around for most of the day, too. He doesn't say much, just grabs at his crotch mo

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Performed Very Well.

Just as she's finishing, the gardener sneaks in with a mask on. He thinks I don't know who it is, but I won't put up too much of a fight cuz I want some cock. His will do just fine.

- Turning on The Peeper.

I can see him grabbing his cock and now he needs to take it out so I can see it. I want that head glistening with pre-cum, as if I was stroking it for him. I'd grab those balls, too and stroke

- The Peeper is Back.

I haven't seen him for awhile but I can see him with his camera. Good thing for him that I'm in the mood to give him a good show. I've dressed in one of my many sexy outfits including f

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Titty Fuckable.

This sheer blouse is going to feel real good pressed up against your hard cock. But, you may not be able to take it before that happens when I wrap my nylon gloved hands around your throbbing membe

- The Appetizer.

I think that I'll give you a bit of an appetizer before we head out. I love having that fat cock of yours all pudgy even before I touch it. Do you like my matching pantyhose? They go so nicely

- Ready to Go Out.

Hey Babe - I'm all ready to go out, and I love the new shoes that you got for me. But, I'm afraid they're good for walking - so high. I think they'll look better pointing up, don

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Assistant's Qualifications Check.

The boss has a new assistant and Samantha wants to see his qualifications. She calls him for a review to see if he will be ready for her aggressive tactics. His pants are on the floor in no time at

- Mistress Stiletto Dominates Bad Student.

Now that I've found out about you masturbating in the lavatory, you'll be put in chastity. Right now, we'll go over other punishment methods, too. Your ass is mine, young man and I want

- Head Mistress Stiletto Schools Her New Student.

I am Mistress Stiletto, the Head Mistress at this school for wayward boys. We will be teaching you plenty, but mostly it will be how to control your sexual urges. You will follow along as my facult

- Samantha's Twin Fucks Her Client.

As you can see Mr. Jones, my customers are always satisfied! From the look on your face, I'd say that you're quite satisfied. I loved how you wrapped up your package all nice and tight for

- Samantha's Twin Seduces Her Client.

I'm so glad that you like this place - is there anything else that I can show you? Maybe - I could let my girls out? Did you enjoy peaking up my dress while we went upstairs? That's right,

- Samantha's Twin is Back and Filling in at Work.

My twin sister Samantha couldn't make it to this appointment and she asked me to fill in. I hope you don't mind, I'm sure you'll hardly know the difference. Why yes, we are the same

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Gangster Lady Collects.

Gangster Samantha collects from her boy Tony and when he doesn't bring enough cash she makes him work off his debt. She has him work it off by massaging her sexy pantyhosed legs and suck on her

- Sexy Sexetary Samantha Playing at Work.

While they may love what I wear, I know they love it even more if they could just get me to open a button or two of my blouse. I spent a lot of time just picking things up for them and bending over

- Sexetary Samantha at Work.

It's my job to keep the office running smoothly and I do that by keeping the guys happy…and I do that by keeping their cocks hard for most of the day, anyway. I dress like this every day

- ARCHIVE BONUS: House Call Nurse Visit.

Nurse Samantha visits one of her favorite patients and treats him like no other nurse. She releases her big boobs and climbs on the bed with him so she can see if his cock will cum for her. She mak

- Bathing Beauty Exposed.

While I have you here, and I'm getting a bit hot, I'll give you a little show. Starting at my 6 inch red heels and slowly following your gaze up my sexy pantyhose clad legs, now up to my 36

- Bathing Beauty.

It's early in the morning and I'm all ready for the sun to come out. I'm stretching out the flag, but I think it looks good in curves, too. The sun will feel so good when I start baking

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Samantha Sucks Cock thru a Nylon Stocking.

I see that your cock likes all this nylon. Let's see how well it feels to have a nylon stocking pulled over the head and made extremely wet. Some intense licking, sucking and nibbling sure caus

- So Hot That I Can I Feel It.

I got home real fast today - knowing that I had to solve that tingling in my pussy. I needed a big toy cock! I changed into a satin slip and leaving my FF stockings, garter, bra and heels on. The f

- My New Boss is Hot.

There are some hot guys at my office, but the new boss is something else. I could see the outline of his cock right through his trousers. Damn, I might have to see about getting my hands on that th

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Just What the Doctor Ordered.

I'm gonna need to take a sample, now. Go ahead, strip down and lie on the bed. I am a hands-on doctor, so try to relax and enjoy the attention I will give to your swollen member.

- Raven Convinces the Repairman.

It's obvious he's getting aroused, I can see his cock growing. This may take a bit of a strip tease as he's been through this before and trying to ignore me. Let's see, I'll hav

- Raven Gets Home Early.

I'm so glad that I got to leave work early today to meet the repair man. I'll be staying in my sexy secretary clothes and see if a bit of teasing will harden his cock so I get a softer pric

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Welcome Home! Care for a Titty Fuck?

I'm horny and have a craving to put a hard cock between my big tits. It looks like I've found a volunteer and he gives me such a hot, creamy treat for burying his cock in my tits. Magical B

- Buying Me Sexy Lingerie Works Well!

I can see that your cock approves of the new SIL lingerie, so now all I have to do is tease you until I get your cock head all wet and spilling precum all over it. I have one of the toys that I too

- My Welcome Home Gifts.

My babe must have missed me - a lot! Just look at the Secrets in Lace outfit that he bought for me. Now we both know it's a treat for both of us, I may get to wear it, but I certainly see the b

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexetary Dick Tasting.

Wouldn't you like to be her boss? MMMMM Kinda makes you hard, I bet! This outfit would bring a cock to attention anywhere and it sure does now. Samantha's boss can't resist her "ch

- Black Widow Needs An Assistant.

Are you man enough to be my assistant? There will be long hours and quite a bit of extra effort required to keep me happy during our work. Now that my man is gone, I'll need an assistant with a

- Black Widow Takes Over.

Another dead husband and now I am running his company. I went to the office to sign some paperwork and pay bills. I always loved going to his office wearing skimpy outfits, like this one. I could f

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Titty Fuck for the Cameraman.

My cameraman has been so good to me and he always let me know just how well he likes my outfit. I'm pretty sure he likes my stockings the best cuz that seems to create a bulge in his pants all

- Watch Me Get All Primed for You.

You just sit back and relax while I put on a little show with my dildo and Magic Wand. These have been very helpful while you've been away and they certainly have filled the temporary need for

- Welcome Home, Baby.

I know that you had a long trip home and I wanted to surprise you with one of your favorite outfits - always FF stockings and CFM metal heels, gloves with a low-cut robe and corset. I'm wearing

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Nurse Cummings Examines a cock.

Nurse Cummings has one of her regular patients cum by for an exam. He hasn't been to see her in awhile, so she ends up with a lot of cum on her big tits. The new uniform sure is sexy - don'

- Nurse Ginger Provides Some Instruction.

Well, I am wondering just how much of a problem you had before you came here. It looks like things are working just fine - your cock is standing straight up. My uniform has that affect on most all

- Nurse Ginger the Cock Therapist.

I'm your nurse today, and we're going to diagnose your ED issues here. You'll need to strip down completely and I'll be in to give you an examination. Yes, I'll be wearing my un

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Time for a Blow Job and Titty Fuck.

My babe is already home and he looks like he could use a blow job and titty fuck. I'm going to suck that hard cock and milk it with big tits and get my creamy treat mmmmm.

- Bachelorette Parties Make Me Horny.

So what else is new? When I get back home, my Magic Wand will be waiting for an appetizer and then, I'll go wake my hubby up and attack his cock for a nightcap. It sure was fun out with the gir

- Back From the Bachelorette Party.

I love bachelorette parties - all that cock hanging around the girls…mmmm and there were some studs at this party. I swear that guy that gave the bride-to-be a lap dance that made me get all

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Good Vibrations.

My hooded master has tied me down and had me screaming with pleasure. The magic wand drove me crazy!

- Samantha Gives the Boss JOI.

Now that the boss is back, I'm gonna see if I can be in charge for just awhile longer. I'd love to see that bulge in his pants out in the open. So, if he lets me be in charge for the rest o

- Samantha is the Boss.

I just love being in charge when the boss leaves the office. He always puts me in charge cuz I get the guys to do thing. I am rather convincing and when I walk through the office, I get lots of att

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Nurse Cummings Treatment.

My patient needed an oil massage to loosen up some of his muscles, and one in particular was really stiff. My new boobies sure worked out the kink in that muscle! "wink"

- Ginger the Horny Waitress is Home.

You know me and when I'm wearing sexy clothes all day and being such a cock-tease that I am - I come home quite horny and today was pretty hot. A couple guys were sporting some very large packa

- Ginger is the Waitress.

I'm working as a waitress for this club and while it's good money wearing these sexy outfits can be a little distracting - and that's for me, too! I wear nice clothes and don't get

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Valentine's Day lingerie.

My babe bought me this lingerie set for Valentine's Day. I'm going to give him his gift by rubbing it all over his body, especially the "boys".

- Samantha Gives the Neighbor JOI.

Okay, Mr. Neighbor - how do you like my outfit? I see that it sure brought you inside in a hurry, now - didn't it? Well, I'm glad that you like it - I'm, what you say - all dressed up a

- Samantha Invites the Neighbor in.

I'm all dressed up to play and no one around, so I had to invite my pervy neighbor over for a good teasing. He's told me that I look like Jessica Rabbit come to life, well let's see how

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Care to follow me up the stairs?

I know that you're looking at my legs - up and down, mostly up - to the top of my stockings. Nope - no panties today. Cum, while I tease you, crossing and uncrossing my legs - swish. Don't

- Samantha Has a Surprise for the New Intern.

So, my plan is to stuff my pantyhose up inside my pussy for the day and then give them to him to take home and finish off the all-day hard-on that I've caused him to get. I may even let him wat

- Samantha Has a New Intern.

I have another new intern to work as my personal assistant. Is he ever in for a surprise because I like to keep my interns on perpetual hard-on alert. I'm going to tease him all the way up unti


I got him so worked up he couldn't hold the camera until the very end when I emptied his cock all over my 36DDs.

- Boss Lady Relaxes at Home.

I'm glad to get home and relax. It sure feels nice to turn a few heads, even as the boss it's nice. My personal assistant is like my own toy - that poor man has a hard-on from the moment I

- Boss Lady Gets Home.

My staff can be so tiresome, especially the guys. They stare at me when I'm talking to them - staring at my new leopard bra that they can see through my sheer blouse. I suppose that wearing ful

- Mistress Mommy Gives Her Step-Son a Close-up.

Of my cock, that is - just for you to get familiar with the sight of cock in front of his face. I'm going to teach you how to be a cock-whore like your Mistress Mommy. But, first I want you to

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexual Attack.

Well, he has no choice but to give me his cum! He just always gives in to me in stockings and SIL lingerie - "wink".

- Mistress Mommy Grooms Her Step-Son.

Your Mistress Mommy is going to groom you to be a cock-whore, just like me. I'm going to dress you up like a sissy and teach you how to love cocks! You'll be taking them up your ass in no t