Monday, 17 June 2024


by Samantha Legs

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- Breakfast Tease.

Good morning to you! I'm just enjoying a cup of tea and thought I'd tease you some to start the day. A sheer nylon robe and crotch-less pantyhose with a matching pair of pumps. Don't yo

- KryztalRed Flashback: Grey Suit with Black Lace Tops.

KryztalRed is looking very business like in her grey suit, albeit a short skirt and visible stocking tops, too! Here are some sexy poses while sitting on a chair stripping all the way down to those

- Teasing My Hubby with a Naughty Skype Session.

Hey Baby! I see you're wearing what I chose for you. I'm sure that you like my SIL outfit, since you bought it for me. It's too bad you're out of town, but I'm going to make you

- Home Without My Hubby.

I'm all dressed up without my hubby as I'm going to have a Skype session with him later. Wearing all his favorites, Secrets in Lace lingerie and stockings with a pair of 7-inch metal heels.

- KryztalRed Flashback: Classic Kryztal.

KryztalRed Classic - a couple sets from KryztalRed days. The first in a see-through dress that hides nothing with full fashioned stockings and six-inch heels. The other is also in my bedroom wearin

- Having a Masturbation Match with my Neighbor.

He asked and he shall see - my feet that is. I've cut the ends of my pantyhose so my toes slip through and he can see them easily. No touching, he's here to do some sight-seeing only. But,

- Teasing the Foot-Fetish Neighbor.

One of my neighbors has expressed his fetish for my feet. So, I have gone about my teasing ways and asked him to come on in and I'd let him see my feet up close and personal. I'm pretty sur

- KryztalRed Flashback: Tiger Halter Dress.

Feeling a bit frisky today, I wore my tiger halter dress to work. I heard a lot of growls when I walked past some guys. I guess they liked my outfit - form-fitting dress, shiny pantyhose and six-in

- Ditzy Blonde Realtor Practices Her Pitch to Make the Sale.

I have my assistant here and after selling him a house, I get to use him to preview my plan, as well as my outfit to see if it will convince my new client to buy the house. He seems to think that f

- Ditzy Blonde Realtor.

I'm your ditzy blonde realtor working on another sale and fat commission. I just hope his cock gets all fat when he sees my wardrobe today. I'm wearing his favorites - leather skirt, satin

- KryztalRed Flashback: Making You Throb for Release.

I'm so glad that you gave me a ride home from happy hour cuz I got pretty buzzed and definitely quite horny. Do you like my outfit? By the looks of that bulge in your pants, I'm pretty sure

- Boss Runs the Meeting.

During our meeting today, I'm going to give my men a lesson on how to keep their cocks hard while being teased. It's a good lesson since I usually work them 'hard' all day. I love t

- Good to be the Boss.

It's so good to be the boss! I get to set the dress code and since we are publishing a pornographic website here, I expect to see some very sexy outfits. I will set the example today by not wea

- KryztalRed Flashback: Leopard Shoes White Top

I just got home from work at the office and what a day of cock teasing for me! I work very closely to my boss and I make sure his cock stays hard all day - his wife must love me for that! Short ski

- Black Widow Moves On.

You thought that you were finally going to sink that hard cock of yours into my pussy - sorry to say, that ain't gonna happen. It's my cock that's going to do the penetrating and it wil

- Black Widow Funeral.

Well step-son, are you ready to go bury your Daddy? How do you like my outfit? I'm expecting to see some of his rich, single, male friends there and show them that I'm already moving on pas

- KryztalRed Flashback: Couch Slut.

I see you staring at my metal heels…now, work your way up my metallic stockings and maybe stop at my ass for a bit. Follow the curves of my ass up to my huge tits. Anything come to mind? How

- Mile High Captain Needs a Cock.

It's pretty true almost every time we land and sometimes in the air a mile high. Being the captain has many advantages and I get my pick of hard cocks over the flight attendants. Guys are usual

- Mile High Captain.

Captain Legs here, and I've just landed my plane for a lay-over in a small city with none of my lovers here. I'll just have to occupy myself with some private time. I have some toys that wi

- KryztalRed Flashback: Jerk Off to Me Now!

You have one easy task - jerk off on my command. Keep you eyes on my legs and watch as I slide my skirt and blouse off. Keep stroking, now as I'm going to take off my bra and panties. I bet you

- Queen of Spades is Ready for the BBC.

I'll show you just how I've become the Queen of Spades. A thong doesn't show much, but how about my tattoo? Next, I'll give you a little show of my new found sensuality and pure hor

- Valentine's Day Queen of Hearts Becomes the Queen of Spades.

Welcome to your nightmare - cum watch the Queen of Hearts transition into the Queen of Spades. Cum into my dominatrix domain and I'll whip you into shape in no time. That big black cock is mine

- KryztalRed Flashback: New Heels.

My boss left me a pair of CFM heels, so of course I have to model them for him. I think they say come fuck me, but let me know what you think.

- The New Boss Teaches Us How to Work Hard.

I know that they're going to work hard for me cuz I will tease them senseless on a daily basis. One poor guy tripped and fell while another just dropped his coffee when they walked by my office

- The New Boss Wants Us to Work Hard.

I'm the new boss here and as it just happens, I have a bunch of young guys working for me. Well, they'll soon be working under me, too! First, I'm going to give them a lesson on how to

- KryztalRed Flashback: KryztalRed Blonde.

Dressing up as Marilyn Monroe - what do you think, did I pull off Diamonds are a girls best friend?

- I Will Make it So Hard it Hurts.

There you go, sit back and loosen up those sweat pants. I want you to show me that cock when it gets rock hard. You can play with it while you watch me and I'm not going to be holding back. Can

- Surprise for The Peeper Son.

I see that my peeping neighbor's son is home for Spring Break and he is looking fine. After all the tormenting that I've put his father through he should be easier yet with that young, virg

- KryztalRed Flashback: Stripes

KryztalRed Flashback: - Zebra print and seamless pantyhose together make me so horny that once I get home from the office, I had to grab one of my favorite toys and fuck my wanting pussy.

- Peg Bundy with Her Big Black Cock Toy.

Now that Al has gone, it's time to put that BBC of yours to work. First, I'll give you a nice foot job and drain that cock a bit. Doesn't that feel so good? Once that's done, I'

- I Love Big Black ugh, Coffee.

Al! I need you to run to the store and get me some Bon-Bons. That way I can play with my big black - coffee. Wink wink - it's my BBC that I want to play with now. So, once Al runs to the store,

- KryztalRed Flashback: Pink Petticoat.

All dressed in pink waiting for you to come home, so I can strip down and show you how much I want you right here, on the stairs.

- KryztalRed Teases & Torments the Photographer.

A little temptation, teasing and sexy, soft lip delight. KryztalRed at her best - showing her sexy poses for the photographer, all the time teasing and taunting his poor throbbing cock. Once she se

- KryztalRed Cameo Appearance.

I've decided to do a little cameo as KryztalRed. For all of you longtime fans, I hope this gives you a bit of nostalgia of her - kinky red hair, full-fashion stockings, sexy see-through sheer d

- KryztalRed Flashback: Street Walking.

Out on the town and walking the streets looking for some fun. I'm wearing an outfit that ought to attract some attention - short, leather skirt and stockings with a stuffed sweater barely holdi

- Mistress Mommy Gives Leg Worship Training.

Yes, my dear step-son, I have a nice butt plug ready to insert into your ass. First, I want you to lube up your butt hole for me and get that ass all loosened up. That's right, stick your finge

- Mistress Mommy is Ready for Your Training.

Mistress Mommy is all dressed for your training today. My ususal black wardrobe - corset, pantyhose, gloves, mask and heels. Oh yea, and a Big Black Cock! You will keep your hands off of your cock

- KryztalRed Flashback: Let Me Show You the Bedroom.

This bedroom is a focal point of the house - don't you think it's comfortable? I just lounging in here, stripping out of my satin blouse and skirt. They slide off so easily - wanna see? I c

- St. Patrick's Day Lassie is Ready to Celebrate.

I'll have to get primed before we go out. I like to have an orgasm so I'm not too horny out there. So, here we go with my little portable friend - too bad it's not charged up, but I'

- St. Patrick's Day Lassie Returns.

I am the St. Patrick's Day party girl! I'm dressed to celebrate the holiday - dressed in green, of course. A tight sweater barely holding the girls back, but showing a bit of cleavage. Plus

- She Wore a Pearl Necklace with her Pantyhose.

Dress her up in sexy clothes and hose and she just has to play. Using her pearls, she rubs them against her wet pussy inside of her chocolate pantyhose. She doesn't have them on for very long b

- Sexy Realtor Impacts Her Client.

Yea, I knew he'd be a done deal when he saw my lingerie. Now, he's all signed up for the weekly visit, too! I'll be coming by to help him get settled and keep him inspired towards buyin

- Sexy Realtor Dressed for Success.

I'm ready to make a sale today, and my client won't know what hit him when he sees what I'm wearing under my fur coat. I know just what he likes his women to wear and I've done my r

- Pantyhose Favorite.

Fans just love to see Samantha in pantyhose and today she has a pair that a fan sent to her. A pair of Cecelia de Rafael chocolate pantyhose with seams the entire length of her legs and they sure l

- Another New Lingerie Outfit and a Couple Toys.

I may call it relaxing but it's really far from it when I have a toy, but watch my fun with two of my favorites - my Magic Wand and a personal favorite rubber cock. After I slip on sexy lingeri

- Another New Lingerie Outfit.

This works out for you and me - I get to buy and wear the new sexy lingerie while you get to see me in it. I hope you're enjoying this one as much as I do. A very sexy, high slit slinky gown, s

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexy Maid Samantha Finds Some Porn.

While doing her organizing Maid Samantha finds some smut magazines. She wonders why her master needs them when he has her around, so she sits down and takes a look.

- Doctor Legs Relaxes Like Only She Can Relax.

Thinking about that last guy and his growing bulge sure ended my day on a high, or should I say hard note. I'm afraid that I have to admit that I wore this dress and full fashioned stockings ju

- Doctor Legs Finishes Up Work.

I'm all finished at work for the day. What a long one! Listening to guys, mostly  explain their sexual problems and sometimes they just want to tell me their fantasy - like the guy today t

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexy Maid Samantha.

Maid Samantha is very thorough with her dusting and organizing the house. She is in the spare bedroom doing her usual maid duties. Her uniform is a little shorter than the mistress of the house wou

- Home from the Fetish Club.

Nothing really caught my eyes for a second glance anyway, so I'm back home thinking that my Magic Wand will give me more satisfaction than anything I saw at the club. It sure felt nice rubbing

- Dressed for the Fetish Club.

Just a bit of fetish attire and heading to the club tonight wearing a latex dress and gloves with layered pantyhose. The red and black will draw some attention and I just love my layered pantyhose

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexy Stairway Strip.

You'll have to stand and watch, as she teases you endlessly. She lets you see her crotchless panties and spills her boobs out for a look. Then, she fingers that hot, wet pussy until she comes r

- Matthew's Sexy Sexetary Foot Tease.

I'll start with your orientation - you know, getting you familiar with your workplace and co-workers, me. You just sit back and watch right now while I show you my fancy footwork on this fake c

- Matthew's Sexy Sexetary.

Hi Matthew! I'm your new secretary. I hope that I've dressed to your liking - sheer nylon blouse, short leather mini-skirt with full fashioned stockings, all on top of a pair of 6 inch meta

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexy Stairway Tease.

You've given Samantha Legs a ride home from the club, hoping to see more of what she's had on display all night. A sexy, short black dress that hardly keeps her huge tits inside and can'

- Maid Ginger Takes a Break.

I know that he has a video camera in every room to record my every step and bending over or reaching up. All of the work is done, so I'm going to take a break. I must have bent down a hundred t

- Maid Ginger's New Outfit.

My master loves to dress me in maid outfits with no limits on how revealing they can be and the more the better for him. Ginger is back working as a maid and this outfit is turning me on. The sheer


She's caught you staring once too many times. Now she's going to make you sit and watch her tease you, then she's gonna make you jerk off by her instructions.

- Time for JOI for the New Assistant.

Before I take off my jacket, I want to see that bulging cock of yours. At least take off your pants. Very Impressive, now start stroking that cock for me. You can't cum until I give the word, b