Sunday, 25 February 2024


by Samantha Legs

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- Doctor Legs Finishes Up Work.

I'm all finished at work for the day. What a long one! Listening to guys, mostly  explain their sexual problems and sometimes they just want to tell me their fantasy - like the guy today t

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexy Maid Samantha.

Maid Samantha is very thorough with her dusting and organizing the house. She is in the spare bedroom doing her usual maid duties. Her uniform is a little shorter than the mistress of the house wou

- Home from the Fetish Club.

Nothing really caught my eyes for a second glance anyway, so I'm back home thinking that my Magic Wand will give me more satisfaction than anything I saw at the club. It sure felt nice rubbing

- Dressed for the Fetish Club.

Just a bit of fetish attire and heading to the club tonight wearing a latex dress and gloves with layered pantyhose. The red and black will draw some attention and I just love my layered pantyhose

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexy Stairway Strip.

You'll have to stand and watch, as she teases you endlessly. She lets you see her crotchless panties and spills her boobs out for a look. Then, she fingers that hot, wet pussy until she comes r

- Matthew's Sexy Sexetary Foot Tease.

I'll start with your orientation - you know, getting you familiar with your workplace and co-workers, me. You just sit back and watch right now while I show you my fancy footwork on this fake c

- Matthew's Sexy Sexetary.

Hi Matthew! I'm your new secretary. I hope that I've dressed to your liking - sheer nylon blouse, short leather mini-skirt with full fashioned stockings, all on top of a pair of 6 inch meta

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexy Stairway Tease.

You've given Samantha Legs a ride home from the club, hoping to see more of what she's had on display all night. A sexy, short black dress that hardly keeps her huge tits inside and can'

- Maid Ginger Takes a Break.

I know that he has a video camera in every room to record my every step and bending over or reaching up. All of the work is done, so I'm going to take a break. I must have bent down a hundred t

- Maid Ginger's New Outfit.

My master loves to dress me in maid outfits with no limits on how revealing they can be and the more the better for him. Ginger is back working as a maid and this outfit is turning me on. The sheer


She's caught you staring once too many times. Now she's going to make you sit and watch her tease you, then she's gonna make you jerk off by her instructions.

- Time for JOI for the New Assistant.

Before I take off my jacket, I want to see that bulging cock of yours. At least take off your pants. Very Impressive, now start stroking that cock for me. You can't cum until I give the word, b

- The Next Day for the New Assistant.

Here we are your second day and we're going to get a little further along with training you to work in my program. I'm seeing some growth in those tight pants that you're wearing today.

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexetary Tease.

Hot sexy sexetary Samantha Legs is everything you'd want your office to have - gorgeous, big tits, sexy clothes and FF stockings with high heels.

- Samantha Debriefs for Her New Assistant.

Since it's your first day, I'm going to debrief for you and just to clear your mind wondering just what is under those sexy clothes that she wears. You'll be watching me walk all the ti

- Samantha Meets Her New Assistant.

I'm back from an extended holiday vacation and ready to work. I have another new assistant, I must be wearing them out lol. As most of them are young, stud interns, they stay with me for awhile

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Naughty Student Teases Professor.

The professor is getting quite weak in the knees when she stands up and walks around her desk. Then, she approaches him to see if she can convince him to change her grade to an A. She goes all out,

- Sexy Slutty Blonde and a BBC.

As you know, BBC and blondes seem to be quite a popular thing. I have a craving for a BBC and my cravings don't stay around too long. I like to satisfy my cravings and today is not different. I

- Sexy Slutty Blonde.

Another request - this time as a sexy, slutty blonde and here I am wearing a sexy, slutty outfit. I do say that blondes definitely have their share of fun. When I'm a blonde it seems to attract

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Naughty Student.

Naughty student Samantha Legs is trying to get a better grade in her class. She dresses in one of her sexiest outfits to tease her professor after class. He might just fall for the bait.

- Mistress Mommy Teases Her Slave Son, Again.

When we get upstairs, you'll be sitting on the floor slave son. I want you to see how my BBC gives my pussy a workout, even if it's not real. It does a much better job than you'll ever

- Mistress Mommy is a Wicked Witch.

How do I look Slave Son? I can tell that you like it by your little dicklet starting to rise. I don't want to see you dribbling any pre-cum, so keep that under control or you'll be licking

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Caught by the Librarian.

She catches you hiding behind the book shelves and gives you a show. Ginger knows you're there to see her and what she's wearing today. Cum watch her strip down to just her pantyhose and sh

- Happy New Year Tease.

So, do you like what you see, so far? A moderately, sexy dress that you can see through if you look a bit closer. You can see the metal clasps of my garter belt and since you got a great look at my

- Happy New Year, 2024.

I'm ready to bring in the new year! Here I am all wrapped in fur and I'd love to show you what I have on underneath the fur coat. Do you want to see? Yea, I bet. Well, aside from seeing my

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexiest Librarian.

Ginger sure gives you a reason to go to the library. She's always bending over and with those short skirts there's a lot to see. Plus, she wears very tight tops and her tits just bulge out.

- Mrs. Claus Fucks Her Elf.

Ah yes, and here he is now, my most favorite elf. Watch as I get his cock throbbing and leaking in no time at all. He loves the feel of my FF stocking legs and nylon gloves. Wait til you see his re

- Mrs. Claus Looking For Her Elf.

Now that Santa is out getting ready for Xmas, I'm going to have a little fun with my favorite elf. Wait til he sees my outfit - his fat elf cock will be pudgy in no time. I have this certain af

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexy Realtor Moving Her Property.

Samantha is ready to show you some of her assets. You walk around her desk and try to look at her computer, but her 'other' assets catch your attention. Massive cleavage, sexy stocking tops

- Horny Naughty Busty Elf Raven Finds Mrs. Claus' Toy.

Mrs. Claus doesn't know that I've seen where she keeps her special toys for when Santa is out delivering toys. She gets hers out and has her own magical evening. I've grabbed one to hav

- Naughty Busty Elf Raven.

I am the naughtiest elf and Mrs. Claus is always punishing me for my skirts being too short or too much cleavage showing, saying I'm always teasing the elves. Well, she's absolutely right!

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Sexy Realtor Showing Her Assets.

Looking for a realtor that has the most to offer? Well, Samantha Legs wants to show you her assets. Cum take a look. She wants to convince you that she will work hard for you and get you to make th

- After Xmas Party Hours.

After the party is over and everyone has gone home - some with rather hard cocks from what I could see and may have caused. I might have mentioned that my Magic Wand was waiting for me and was goin

- Xmas Party Hostess.

I hosted the company Christmas party again this year, and as usual we all celebrated another great year. Of course, I had to tease a bit, but honestly, this dress didn't twist any heads unless

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Naughty Student Teases Professor.

The professor is getting quite weak in the knees when she stands up and walks around her desk. Then, she approaches him to see if she can convince him to change her grade to an A. She goes all out,

- Bodysuit Playtime.

While I've got the crotch-less pantyhose on and with the bodysuit, I've got easy access to a very warm and wet place - my pussy. I'll just give this real-looking fake cock a workout. I&

- Bodysuit Request.

A big thanks to Chris, a long-time fan, friend and member for KryztalRed days and now. Do you like the bodysuit? I slipped a pair of crotch-less pantyhose on underneath, I hope you like the affect.

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Naughty Student.

Naughty student Samantha Legs is trying to get a better grade in her class. She dresses in one of her sexiest outfits to tease her professor after class. He might just fall for the bait.

- Silent Peeper.

I know that he's watching, peeping through his camera lens. He's always focused in on me when I get home. He sure loves my office outfits, but so do my workmates and boss. I bet he likes my

- Peeper's Delight.

Home from work and I'm gonna give my peeping neighbor a little show today. The guys at work were especially flirty and sure liked my outfit even if they never got to see anything but the tops o

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Personal Foot Job.

What started out as a foot massage turns into a foot job. Rubbing her sexy little feet gets most guys hard and in this case, there's proof. She ends up getting her feet rubbed, but not just by

- Evil Twin Sister in Town.

We had some fun tonight! I was super glad that I wore my crotch-less pantyhose and with this short dress it just slid up when I wanted to give a little show. I had this one guy so hard his cock was

- Twin Sister.

Just like Samantha in Bewitched - my sister has a twin and I'm the evil one. I am the same exact build as her, so I just love wearing her clothes. She has a great collection of sexy clothes and

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Personal Assistant.

Samantha Legs is home from her job. She's a personal assistant to the CEO and he has her bouncing all over the office. She hardly ever gets to sit down, so by the end of the day her feet are re

- Welcoming Process.

I have a bit of a process for greeting certain people with certain characteristics and you just happen to have a big one. Let me show you my BBC dildo who I just happen to call Tyrone. Sit back and

- Welcome to the Neighborhood.

Well Tyrone, I'd like to welcome you and your BBC to the neighborhood! Yes, I am officially greeting you - do you like my welcoming outfit? A whole lot of nylon against most of my body mmmmm. W

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Quiet Time.

Sexy Samantha Legs is home from work and getting ready to wind down from a hard day. She loves all the attention she gets and the outfits she wears certainly causes it. Short dresses and plunging c

- Nympho Boss Fantasizes About Her Assistant.

He's gotten me so horny today, I wouldn't care (actually, prefer) if he walked in right now and heard me talking about teasing, or seducing that cock out of his pants and into me. My see-th

- Nympho Boss.

I can't help myself - I'm around porn all day and quite a bit at night, too. I'm the boss of a few good looking men (young ones, at that) and I like to keep them on their toes and bulgi

- Elvira Overwhelms Hubby's Friend.

Now, I'm gonna have my way with this hard, dripping cock… a good fucking is in order, but that will wait until the next time. I want to play now and see how hard I can make his cock. I l

- Elvira Treats Hubby's Friend.

I have permission to give him one helluva Elvira treatment. It's gonna be my Halloween treat to strap him down and just devour his cock. My personal sex toy for his fantasy. Watch as I ooze the

- Elvira Greets Hubby's Friend.

I've chosen Elvira as my Halloween Costume this year. It's to surprise my hubby's friend. He loves Elvira and I've going to give him one to remember! I've got the costume and fi

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Wilma Cums to Life.

A strip-tease video during a photoshoot, I'm dressed like a 21st Century Wilma Flintstone - in a leopard print mini-dress, Cecelia de Rafael seamed pantyhose. Watch me strip down to my pantyhos

- Trick or Treat Me.

Tricking is not much of an option for you - so, the best you can hope for is to treat me. Watch as I walk back and forth - think how much that you desire Mistress Mommy. Listen to my metal heels cl

- Stiletto Halloween.

I am dressed for a wicked adult Halloween party and plan to be with 2 or 3 men, so step-son you'll see how to fuck properly. Yes, you're going to be more involved than you might think, too.

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Seductress Success.

Not only will I make sure that you cum - I'm going to have one helluva an orgasm with this BBC toy! So much sex runs through my head - sexy lingerie against my skin looking so hot, my boys stro

- Always Relaxing with a Toy.

My stress relief is only a moment away when I get home and grab one of my toys. This BBC will do the trick! Why don't you sit down, pull out your cock and join me while I masturbate? We can cum

- Saucy Sexetary.

I decided to change things up and wear a pair of fishnet stockings. They caught some eyes and this micro mini-skirt kind of caught their eyes, too. My sweater top was a lovely addition to my entire

- ARCHIVE BONUS: Seductress.

Getting dressed in my sexy Secrets In Lace lingerie, sheer robe and CFM pumps made me so horny for you guys. I just picture you stroking your hard cocks and my pussy gets so wet. I love wearing lin

- See What You've Missed.

It's time for a bit of a tease - and I'll show you what I've been doing without you here. Here's one of my toys and I've worn it out now and even new batteries can't help it