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That site was awesome. Authentic scenes, great outfits, good photos, and it kept me coming back for more. Best investment on my 18th birthday ever.

by Dregoth

19 Jul 2017

Thank-you for show these pics of the early years. Your just as beautiful now as you were then.

by Joseph

03 Jun 2017

NICE, Kryztal was the first site I joined when I turned 18 and shortly before it shut down, Samantha has been a head to toe beauty since I have ever seen and been my top pantyhose fantasy girl for years. Nice to see a blast from the past. it is crazy how she doesn't even look different, head to toe beauty. Great update Kryztal/Samantha

by Joe

31 Mar 2017

WOW!!! Bring back more of Kryztal!! While I LOVE Sam, I originally became a fan because of Kryztal. I was one of your members for over 10 years!! Love the new stuff, but the old stuff's great as well!

by Eddie

30 Mar 2017

Love the old KR pics.

by Tribeslover7

29 Mar 2017