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You may also want to look into video conferencing similar to what businesses use.. say Movi / Cisco Telepresence. Then you would have both a phone number and high definition webcam to allow people to dial in and see you perform. Just a few ideas.

by JR C

18 Sep 2014

For Cam Shows maybe partner up with a provider like or and maybe even become an affiliate as well to earn on referrals / redirects as well as when you perform live shows.The other alternatives are either to collect the money up front and schedule sessions using Skype, AV by AIM,Oovoo, Tinychat, etc.. (continued below)

by JR C

18 Sep 2014

Very nice too see you back . Beautiful as always and sexy

by atom

03 Jul 2014

I certainly plan to add a cam show, but I am having trouble finding a suitable software set-up. If anyone can make a recommendation, I'll be glad to offer a free month choice and of course, to the first one making the recommendation that I use. xoxo

by SamanthaLegs

17 Apr 2014

hot as ever! will you do cam shows?

by Woody

04 Feb 2014